The Mystery Behind the Nightmare Fuel Bird

You have definitely seen them this season. They stare at you from a distance, instill fear throughout your entire body, make you wish you were never born, and all while you’re trying to enjoy a baseball game. They are simply known around Birdland as “Nightmare Fuel Bird”: an imitation of the lovable Oriole Bird, but this is not the Oriole Bird.

oriole birds

See? Terrifying.

Nightmare Fuel Bird has made their rounds on the internet and is becoming well known in the baseball community, which is why we need to investigate this. I found the Twitter account of the person who actually wears that to Orioles games, and what I found was….interesting.


For now, the mystery of the Nightmare Fuel Bird continues until we see them unmasked! (I’M CALLIN’ YOU OUT, BIRD!)

Shoutout to @SeductiveTommyH for coining the phrase and being the best Orioles’ related Twitter account out there.



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