Red Bull

The Oakland Athletics are Weird

The Oakland Athletics are known for being kind of a weird team. They do things like play baseball on a football field, pie each other in the face, and just leave their sewage everywhere. What they did last Saturday in Baltimore tops everything they’ve done up to this point. During the game, which didn’t see any bats thrown or benches clearing arguments, the Athletics bullpen got bored and decided to plant something.



As you can see, it starts out with a sunflower seed base. Something all plants start from.

image (1)


Soon, they added some type of candy and decided to water it and see what would happen.

image (2)


With something now in the middle, maybe they think something will sprout out of this weird plant.

image (3)


Once they realize that nothing is going to grow from this, they decide to put a Red Bull can in the middle of it.

image (4)


And finally, once every other attempt has failed, they finally just decide to pour orange Gatorade into the Red Bull can.

Never change Athletics bullpen, never change. Thanks for Alan Dobbins for sending me these photos. Go follow him on da Twitterz.